Up the Stairs

Cheyenne is doing so good at going up the stairs.

Last night he followed the cheese up, and didn’t get too nervous. He went up fairly steadily and got to the top and ate a whole bunch of cheese bits.

He is such a doll. Those stairs scare him so very much. He doesn’t have the muscles or the coordination for them. But he is learning. He doesn’t like to start, and sometimes I have to stay with him at the bottom for a while until he gets his back legs up on the firs step. Then he is better. It’s that first step that is difficult for him.

Midway up he is better. I need to make sure his weight is balanced forward and not back. I worry that he will tip back and fall. I always have a hand behind him to make sure he can’t turn around on me in a panic and jump down. It’s too far and he could seriously hurt himself. I’ve never been as afraid of the stairs as I am when he is on them. Sweet boy. But I think he really needs to master the stairs. To be confident enough on them to be safe. He is learning. He is getting better.

He is such doll and I sooo wish we could keep him. I keep telling Chase and Levi I’m going to trade them in for Cheyenne… LOL but they know I never could.

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