This is Mac. He is a smooth sable collie boy. Very sweet. He didn’t like me very much when I picked him up last night. He was sad to go, and his family was sad to let him go.

He is in a great foster home now and we will find him a wonderful home.

Mac will be 6 years old next February. He loves to run and play. He’s quite energetic and loves his toys. He needs some work walking nicely on a leash, but he loves to go out and go for rides. He also loves treats.

He will probably be on petfinder in the next little while. We need some good pictures of him. Unfortunately my digital camera is horrible and I need a new one. It’s so slow that I can’t get any good dog pictures! Oh well, I’ll get a new one soon I think. 🙂

So, Mac needs a new home!

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