The Year’s End

Well, 2006 is almost over. Only a couple more days after today. Here in Utah ‘they’ have canceled the big New Year’s party called First Night, because New Year’s Eve falls on a Sunday. I find that slightly amusing. I do not attend, because I’m old and usually asleep when the clock strikes midnight (unless I’m up for a Harry Potter premier LOL). Nevertheless, it’s odd that an entire State will give up a party because of… well.. you know (if I can’t say something nice I shouldn’t say anything at all).

2006 was a pretty good year, as years go. It flew by as is usual anymore. Much too fast. I got a new job, which I should start officially the beginning of next year. I’ve already moved all my stuff over but some other ‘they’ would not let me move my computer or body over there completely until next week. Oh well. It’s not far from my old office and I could easily have done all work from there. Whatever. I’m just happy about the change. I’ll be able to work 10 hour days again, and perhaps work from home one day a week, too. Extremely flexible, which I absolutely love.

We are going to watch another pup this weekend, we’ll be up to 7 dogs in the house. Everyone is getting a bit stressed and overwhelmed. I must say, though, that my dogs are doing wonderfully. Even Chase and Levi, my problem boys. They are tolerating the increased number of dogs like champs even though I know they don’t like it much. Monday the 7th will go, and Tuesday the 6th will go, and we’ll be back down to 5. And as much as I love Cheyenne, he does need a great new home where he can get the love and attention he needs. We just don’t have the time or resources to give the poor guy what he deserves. Regardless of how much I love that boy. 🙂

And my husband is so wonderful, putting up with all the dogs I drag into the house. It’s not quite as hard on him as it is on our regular four, but it is hard on him nonetheless. I love him (my husband) with all my heart and I do so appreciate all he does and puts up with. The dogs just need so much help, way too many die every year because of overpopoulation. And it makes me mad, I just must do something about it. Even if it’s only a small share.

And so 2007 will begin shortly. Time flies, and who knows how meaningful our tiny little lives are in the big scheme of things. I don’t know. I just live each day with as much gratitude as I can.

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  1. You (and your most understanding husband) are wonderful to be so caring in taking in dogs and helping them find people to love them.

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