We have another collie. She is one of those dogs you just can’t help falling in love with when you meet her. I think she will develop a lot of confidence over time! Right now she is a bit skittish and highly distracted. She’s very focused on our cats, too. She has met them and doesn’t hurt them, but she is too focused. Nothing else interests her when the cats are around. I’ll be working on this over the next while.

She also doesn’t have much of an appetite. And she’s so skinny! Not sure how to get her to eat more, we have a vet appointment today at 1pm, so hopefully they can shed some light on this non-eating deal. She eats enough to get by, but not really enough to gain weight. The silly girl. Hrmph.

She is from a shelter in Idaho. A teacher spotted her in the fields, but Jewel was too shy and scared to come to her. So they fed her until animal control could trap her. Poor dear was wet and cold and skinny and had a bone stuck in her jaw. The wonderful people at the shelter, and an amazing volunteer, got the bone out of her jaw and cut her burrs out. She now has a bit of a short coat, but it’ll grow back and she’ll be a gorgeous tri colored rough collie! 🙂

I already love her. We’ll find her a great home!

She’s also on petfinder!

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  1. I’ve found that dogs like this make the most wonderful pets when they find a match. Thank heavens for people like you to help her find a second chance.

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