Ten Degrees

It has been so cold here lately. Actually, strangely enough, it hasn’t really been bothering me this winter. The lowest I’ve seen it go is 3 degrees.

We are staying warm in our house. All the dogs are safe and doing well. I am just so very glad that both Cheyenne and Jewel, who were both strays with no shelter or warmth, have our nice warm house to be in now. Where they are dry, warm, and well fed, and have soft things to lay on.

Cheyenne is even sleeping on the bed lately. 🙂 He is a doll, I just love him. Wish I could keep him, but really we have more than we should, because they should all have much more attention than they get at our house. But things are going well, Chase is being separate from the other dogs. He is the grumpy one lately, and so as to avoid any conflicts I usually have him separate. Which is interesting… the Collies are all doing well together, it’s the Border Collie that is the problem child. I’m just so glad Levi is doing well with everyone! I guess, at 7 years old, he’s finally grown up.

I do worry about Cheyenne and Jewel finding homes. They are older. Probably around 7 years of age. I think Cheyenne is a bit younger than Jewel. And why is it so hard to find homes for the older dogs? It’s sad. They are just as sweet and loving and wonderful. And the don’t chew, they are not pests, they are sweet as can be and need good homes!

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