Two Inquiries on Jewel

So far I have had two people ask me about Jewel. Both from Petfinder.  I reply, and they don’t get back to me.  🙁

Am I saying something wrong? Do they just not like her when I talk about her? She is so sweet and wonderful. She is my baby girl, and letting her go is going to be really hard.

Maybe it’s because of her age.  I’m thinking she is about 7.  But really 7 is not too old.

I just wish people would reply to me and tell me why they decide they are not interested. Maybe I will email them again. Is that something weird to do?  To follow up? I need more social skills.

2 thoughts on “Two Inquiries on Jewel”

  1. You do such good work, please don’t think you are ever doing anything wrong. Adopting a dog is a big decision and people should take their time and make sure they get the dog that fits them best. Older dogs may be harder to place, but once people realize how great they are, they are easy to place.

    Your blog is outstanding.

  2. Thanks. 🙂 Yes, the older dogs really are amazing. They don’t chew anymore, or destroy furniture or anything. They tend to be house trained (depending on if they come from a home) and they are just so super sweet and snuggly.

    We did get a good serious inquiry on Jewel, so I was pleased with that! I don’t think it’ll work out, but it gave more hope.

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