Okay, so I’m a bit slow sometimes. All my life, since I was a kid (and you can’t complain with kid logic because sometimes it sticks in the brain and is hard to get out), I thought ‘Incorporated’ and ‘Corporated’ were different things. You apply to be a corporation, then you apply to be an… err… well… In-Corporation. 😀

So just today I realized that the process of becoming a Corporation is to Incorporate. Okay okay I said I’m slow!

Anyway, I want to make Utah Collie Rescue a Corporation, which is the first step to becoming a nonprofit. And so… finally I found This Article which describes how to do so in Utah.

Whew! And it’s only $22. So that’s not bad. I have my signed papers, I just need to send them in!

The next step is to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. That, I hear, is super expensive. And since I can’t hardly afford to feed myself at the moment, it will probably have to wait. But with the Incorporation, at least I’ll be able to get an EIN and open a checking account for Utah Collie Rescue. Yay!

2 thoughts on “Incorporating”

  1. Awesome news! I can’t imagine that 501(c) is THAT expensive. I mean it’s something that non-profits have to do. Who has money for that?

    If you want.. I could donate a collar for a fundraiser.. which reminds me.. I’ve had your collar made for weeks! I just keep forgetting to MAIL it.

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