Non Profit Cost

Well, yup, it’s $300 to become a non-profit. Gotta love our government. Also, many ‘business checking accounts’ have monthly fees and limits as to how many checks you can write, and how many withdrawals you can make.

Not fun. So, I’ll be saving up for that $300. Maybe selling some fund-raising stuff on ebay. I also have to fill out a 26 page document (1023) and send it in.

All this AFTER I get my official Incorporations documents.

You’d think working for the government I would be used to this all by now. 😉

2 thoughts on “Non Profit Cost”

  1. Eee Yikes!

    Well, I’ll get to work on that collar… you know what else I could do? I could get you some stuff from my store at cost for you to raffle off… dog food, supplements, snacks etc.

  2. Thanks Jen that would be so great! 🙂 I appreciate it. I have to wait 20 days for my Incorporation to come through, then I have read the 501c3 takes about 100 to complete. Too much time. 🙂

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