From 70 to 30

Well, I’m back from training in Irvine, CA. The beginning of the week was too windy and cold. Rainy a bit, clear a bit. Saturday, though, was so nice and warm. It was in the 70s when we were at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. And then I came back here, to Salt Lake City… and there is snow on the ground and it’s too cold.

And it’ll probably be a couple of months before it really starts getting warmer. Ugh. And I don’t feel well. I have no energy, my throat is a bit sore, and I’ve been having head aches. I am going to sit and read all day today and catch up on sleep I think. I’m too tired. I have agility class tonight, I hope I’ll make that. It’s my flex day which is good.

My head got packed with too much information in training. I sure hope I retain it all. I sure missed the dogs when I was gone. We are watching Nick and Glitter for a bit, they are such sweet hearts. I have two shelties on me now while I read, plus Levi. 🙂

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