Goin’ ta Vegas

Well, I’m going to Las Vegas. I do have to send in my trial entry. I am only taking Levi, though. I’m going to be carpooling with another girl, and she’s also brining a dog, and we won’t have room for more than the 2 dogs. Chase is going to be super mad. Well, if he really knew. 😉 But we do have to work out better how we are running together, and so it’ll be okay to just bring Levi.

I hope it’s warm there. It’s much too cold here in Salt Lake. 32 this morning. Yuck! I want to live someplace warm. Sacramento would be good, but my husband doesn’t want to move there. Dunno why. Maybe I could talk him into it. Just the outskirts.

The trial is a 4 dayer, and since Levi is doing so well, I’m going to see about getting him some more excellent legs. Maybe make it into Excellent B before May. I can only hope. He is such a good boy, and I love spending as much time with him as I can.

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