Utah Collie Rescue Logo

Well, I got it. The new logo! It is super duper totally gorgeous nice. 🙂
Utah Collie Rescue

Check out the Utah Collie Rescue website to see it. Didn’t she do an awesome job? 😀 I also turned that site into a wordpress blog, like this. I think I like the layout better. Then, fosters, when we get some, will be able to log in and post updates about their dogs. It’ll be interactive and I won’t have to do everything myself.

I need to get the final logo so I can open a Cafepress Store and sell some stuff, and also print some business cards.

All my collie rescues are gone into homes.. now I feel guilty, being collie rescue with no collie. On the other hand, having only our 4 dogs is soooooo nice. We won’t be able to take a collie for a couple months, when the next comes in I’ll have to find a foster home.

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  1. Hi there!

    I volunteer at the Grantsville City Animal Shelter, and we have a beautiful female Border Collie that desperately needs your help. She’s very sweet and quiet! She’s very nervous and timid too, but she’s getting better each day. She’s learning to trust us.

    We have very limited funds, so I’m hoping your group will be able to rescue her. Our shelter is very small, and it’s not a no-kill shelter. It’s quite full at this time, and I don’t want any of our sweeties to be put down. I’m very worried, so I decided to write to you about her. She deserves a good chance at having a good life! I truly hope that you can help her! Please call me today! I can send you pictures of her if needed. She’s gorgeous! Please pass this email on to other rescue groups that might be able to help her, and let me know of anyone I should call.

    Thank you very much!

    Take care, Laura (435-830-2765)

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