Four Years

Well, today my husband and I have been married for four years. 🙂 I’m very pleased by that. Mainly because, before him, I was so bad at relationships that I couldn’t get one to last beyond for years. We have been together six, married four. And we are still happy. And that, also, is something to be pleased by.

We get along well, and we work through our disagreements. We are not perfect, but no one is, right? And so we just do our best and things are going quite well.

He loves the dogs as much as I do, too, and puts up with them on the furniture, beds, etc. He picks up dog poop (can’t beat that!) and takes the girls for walks. The boys get to go do lots of stuff with me, and the girls do some things with him, including going to his work.

So, Happy Anniversary to us!

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