Bday Stuff and Dog Stuff

Well, Maybe I should combine all today’s posts into one… but that wouldn’t be nearly as exciting, now would it? 🙂

Today is my husband’s birthday. Happy Birthday Honey! He is a wonderful guy. Yesterday, our Anniversary, he even got me a surprise gift. He is so sweet. We hardly exchange anniversary gifts, but I mentioned I wanted a new digital camera, and so he got me one! I really like it!

And now the dog stuff part…
I’m considering not trialing Chase for a while. Because we really, really need to learn how to run together better. And we are not getting better. We are just remaining the same. And in order to get better, I believe we need more training.

This disturbs me. And from what I read, many people have a hard time stopping. Is the addiction? It can’t be from fearing he’ll get bored. We will still do flyball and obedience. It’s just that… his contacts need serious work, and we need to listen better to each other. And so I’m thinking about it.

He is entered through the middle of May. We have a DOCNA trial this weekend. Come next week when I was going to enter the end of May trials… I may rethink it and see how I feel at that point.


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