Triumph The Dog Ready To Run With Prostheses

This story is a horrible tragedy, and an inspiration, all at once. I found a link to this on the Poodle and Dog Blog, and thought I had to write about it myself. – Triumph The Dog Ready To Run With Prostheses

Triumph has been through a horrible ordeal. But now, in Colorado, she has new legs, and a new life. Amazing stuff. She is one lucky dog. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Triumph The Dog Ready To Run With Prostheses”

  1. I don’t know how I feel about this… I’m sure it’s wonderful NOW but I wonder what Triumph’s life was like while she was going through those painful surgeries.

  2. I understand where EnergyPaws is coming from, because there have been circumstances when I’ve thought the owners need to be willing to let their animal go, but I don’t feel that way in this case. I mean, the start of the story in Turkey is pretty awful, but Triumph looks pretty happy by the end. And it gives hope to people with animals who need to have a limb removed because of accident or cancer. I choose to see this story as an inspiration.

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