Cleaning Up at DOCNA

We had a DOCNA trial this past weekend. And we had FUN!

Levi Q’d 7 out of 10 runs. SEVEN OUT OF TEN! Can you believe it! I am so excited, and so proud of him. I remember too many trials where we have brought home no Q ribbons. Finally we are working together and doing a good job. He even Qd in the National Challenge, which had two sets of weaves. One 12, and one 6. 🙂 He got them both! He did not get the weaves on the Standard Course after, but I didn’t push it. It was Sunday, after a long weekend. And we were both tired. I no longer take him back through the weaves. If we don’t get them, oh well, we just go on and have a good time. He needs happy weaves, that is the ticket! If he hadn’t fallen off the dog walk on Saturday, we probably would have gotten that one too. Dunno about the falling, both he and Chase fell off it, Chase twice. Levi only once. After toenail trims they seemed better.

Chase Qd 4 out of 10, which wasn’t bad. That Strategic Time Gamble is hard… but both boys got Qs on theirs. Which got them their Beginners Titles. Levi acquired 2 titles, and Chase 3. Sweeeeet! Chase does awesome at gamblers because he is fast, and it doesn’t matter if we get all the obstacles I plan on. And his distance is pretty good, especially if he gets to SUCK into a tunnel.

On Sunday I started a new plan with Chase. He needs to watch me more… pay attention to me more. And so I walked around and changed directions often, and he had to keep up or get left at the end of the leash. I don’t like doing it… but it does cause him to pay attention, and I really do think it helped his runs afterwards. So we are going to practice that at home, and also find more things we can do where he MUST pay attention to me. I think that will help us a great deal in our agility career. And Obedience helps, soo.

I put blog pages together for both Levi and Chase. On the right menu, where it says “more…” after each of their names, you will find them. It has all their titles. Levi has so many now, it’s hard to list them all!

I love dog sports. Bonding with my dogs is the best feeling in the world. My house is a wreck and a mess, but I don’t care. My dogs are happy, and that is more important! Woo Hoo!

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