Working from Home Rocks

Tuesday night I didn’t have a fun experience. However, it was not as horrible as I had expected. So that was good. It still wasn’t any fun at all, but wasn’t quite as miserable as I’d feared.

I had a root canal. My Dentist is a nut. He was telling me how much he enjoyed doing root canals. LOL. And he said he hoped I didn’t think he was weird. Well, I did think that was weird! But, he’s a great Dentist and he did an awesome job, and he made sure to get me numb. He was having a hard time getting me completely numb, but he worked at it until it happened. And I was even able to tell him honestly when it hurt. So many times in the past I just don’t, I suck it up… but I figured that was just dumb, and I really needed to say when it hurt. Dental work can just hurt!

So Tuesday night I went home and crashed, then Wednesday morning I woke up and still didn’t feel too hot. We do have the option, here at work, to telecommute one day a week. My regular day will be Thursdays… but I did Wed this week because of the Dentist. And man… how neat is it, getting up, turning on the laptop, and viola, you are at work. Well, I did feed the dogs first, which they were pretty happy about!

I worked for 8 hours (I was a bit late getting up), showered during my lunch break, and then afterwards I was just home. Okay, so I’m going to plan on telecommuting every week now. Well, after my Mar/Apr agility trips are finished. And if I’m not completely needed at work. I feel guilty about working from home, it’s so nice! But my coworkers do it, and so I will too.
You might see a number of odd posts where I link to other people’s sites. These are in hopes of getting links back to here, to get my Alexa and Google PR back up. Since I changed domain names… ugh, I have no ranking anymore. I did forget about all that. Hopefully it’ll come back!

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