Ooooo, why oh why is it so hard to pull a dog from agility? It is so hard. Not only for me, but I’ve listened to other people have it hard, too.

I am going to pull Chase from the May AKC trials. I feel bad doing it, he loves it so much. But we have a focus problem. And contact problems. And tunnel sucking problems. And we need to work on these things before we have much hope of Qing again. He has not Q’d in a while, and so I’m just really throwing my money away.

So I’m going to pull him.

Rally was a joke with him last Friday. It was his first Rally trial, entered him in Novice A. I walked off the course half way through. It was at the same place we do agility.. just did agility last weekend, the DOCNA trial. And once in the ring, he just looked around for the agility obstacles and completely blew me off. Didn’t look at me once. If I have no treats, then there must be something more interesting.

And yes, I’d like to do obedience with him. And I’d like to have more of his focus, and more control, in agility. And I don’t think that is going to happen if he keeps getting reinforced in agility for not paying attention to me.

So… this week I’ll pull him from the May trials. Ugh. It just hurts to do so, but in the long run, it’ll help. It worked for Levi… look at him weave now! I just hope Levi’s weaves hold out through a 3 day trial, then a 4 day trial, two weekends in a row. We will see. If he starts to fall apart, then I’ll only run him in FAST to reinforce the happiness again!

Man, dog stuff is hard. Fun as hell, but hard, too!

OH MY Gosh I”m such a dweeb. My sweet Lucy got her last RA leg for her title on Friday! Woo Hoo! She is so good. She loves Rally… as long as she gets her treats. If only we could get on top of this limp, I could enter her in Rally Excellent. But I want to see if we can figure that out first.

And Levi got his first RA leg. 🙂

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