Back and Gone

Well, back from Rigby, Idaho for a couple of days. What a RUSH! Levi did awesome. He got one Ex A Standard leg, and one Ex A JWW leg. He is such a good boy! We would have gotten more but Mom just happened to screw up a little too much. Man, Excellent is hard. The courses were fairly nice, though. For AKC. 😉

Tomorrow Levi and I go to Las Vegas for the big four day trial. It took me two full days to recover from Rigby… I was tired and completely run down, so much so I missed my Alarm and the husband doesn’t wake me up. So we’ll see how much Vegas takes out of me. Levi, however, bounced right back! He even weaved great on day 3 of Rigby, I was so proud of him! *loves*

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