Las Vegas, NV

Just had to write a bit more about when I went to Las Vegas at the beginning of April. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been back for more than a week, now. It was a great agility trial! The trial was located at a big arena, right next to a model airplane field. It was hot. Did I mention hot? Okay, for Las Vegas, it wasn’t really too hot. 90 degrees about. But going from Utah/Idaho of 40 degrees to Las Vegas at 90, was quite a change. Levi had a hard time adjusting. I wore shorts the whole time and actually got a bit of a tan.

But I love the desert. And I love Las Vegas. We weren’t able to go to Lake Mead, which I also love there.

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas, NV”

  1. I wish i could go to Vegas. I’m one of those guys that will sit in a Casino for 12 hours playing Black Jack. I usually start by winning a few hundred and can’t pull myself away with my winnings. I never lose a ton, but I won’t leave until I’m about ready to pass out…lol

  2. lol. I’m not a gambler, though I did put a dollar in a slot machine. There is so much to DO in Vegas.. shows and stuff, and just seeing all the casinos is fun.

  3. Oh, I love Vegas. When I was there last, it was 110 degrees. I had a huge coke in my hand the whole time I was walking. Blew $25 on the slots and got a few coins back LOL.

  4. I like to play poker, but never really tried it at a Casino. Casinos have some sort of gas they pump into the card rooms I think that ake you do crazy things.

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