Peas & Feedburner

We are going to have peas, and soon, too! Or so it seems. If it doesn’t freeze too hard. Which it could do, because we are having a snow storm as I write.
This is a picture of my husband’s Pea Plants growing in the garden. Cute little things, aren’t they? I love home grown peas. Of course home grown tomatoes are my very favorite, but these are yummy too. I’m so ready for summer.

I actually took some pictures of the dogs playing today when I got home, but none of them are any good. So I’m posting the peas instead. And so they are just on the laptop, I didn’t even load them onto the web. Oh well.

Man I don’t like how smilies show up on this skin. Hrm…

OH OH OH! I also discovered Feedburner. How cool is it? Well, I can actually see how many people have subscribed to my feed. So, I signed up. And now I’ll get to see. Woo Hoo.

6 thoughts on “Peas & Feedburner”

  1. Cool! I want a garden also, but I don’t want to take care of it. I just want the fresh fruits and vegetables out of it. I guess that’s why I go to the Farmer’s Market often 😉

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