The Many Moods of Chase

And so… yesterday I went to obedience class. Brought Chase. Sometimes I bring Levi, I switch between the two. I’d like to do obedience with both the boys. Would love to do more with Lucy, but I guess she’s retired, due to her limp.

I love my obedience instructor. Did I mention how much I love her? Well, I do. She is amazing. She just knows dogs so well. She is so perceptive. She can watch a dog and pick up on subtle cues that amaze me. I love it. I get so nervous still.. my SA kicks in and my brain mostly turns off. But I am trying.

I have a lot of good things to work on with Chase now. It was funny last night… he went through the gambit of all his moods. He started out silly Chase wanting to say hi to everyone, he went through a confusion phase, then a mad phase, and then happy phase again. He is amazing. His face is so expressive you can just see all his emotions. He wears them right on his face. Fortunately we didn’t see any scared face. That is the face we always want to avoid.

Chase is learning. He does need the drive shaping still. I never really thought about it before.. but Chase needs to go from calm next to me, to speedy fast to retrieve the dumbbell, and then back to calm again as he brings it to me. Same with agility. Speed is not the same as hyper. And he’s more hyper. I have a hard time explaining it, really. The up/down that is really needed for competition dogs. It’s really fascinating. I think more rewarding, too. For the dog and for the human. I really loved seeing Steve Frick’s dog Aero at that seminar last July. Now she was a dog with good drive shaping. She was FAST, and calm and collected at the same time.

I want to give that to Chase. I think we will both be happier!

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