14 Year Old Bullfighter

I don’t like Bullfighting to begin with. But then, I’m more the animal activist so that is no surprise. I’m not a nut.. by any means, but I do support animals and think they should be given many more rights than they are.

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But I digress. Recently in Mexico a 14 year old boy was bullfighting and was gored in the ring. They think he will live. But still, 14 is so young. And it amazes me that this news is not spreading around Mexico. It just shows us how strong the media is, and how much influence they have over what we really know about what is going on in the world.

In Mexico there have been boys as young as 8 in the bull ring. I can’t even imagine that, that’s a kid! But I guess in order to keep Bullfighting popular, they put young kids in the ring, as it stirs up interest in this so-called ‘sport’. I did hear on NPR that Bullfighting is loosing popularity in Mexico because of a growing awareness of animal rights. Yay. That is good to hear. Hopefully that will continue.

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  1. I listened to the same show on NPR. They stressed how thankfully the younger generation has little interest in this “sport”. Sadly, at least one of the younger generation did.

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