Angel’s Nose

This is the Infamous Angel. She is a doll, our sweetest dog, loves everyone, not a mean bone in her body. Angel Dinner Nose Notice sometimes she has a hard time getting all her dinner off her nose. This is her Cottage Cheese meal. We feed raw, and sometimes we do cottage cheese, too.

Not sure if you can tell, but she loves it. All the dogs do. I thought they would be very runny their first day after Cottage Cheese day, but nope, they were all solid and fine. And with the awful food recalls going around, for cat food and dog food, I’m just so glad we feed raw. We do mix in a bit of kibble at times… we feed Avoderm, but they have not been involved in any of the recalls.

On a happier note, Angel is the girl who likes to fix up our bed to her liking. Usually the sheets get stripped all the way down, and she either makes a nice nest and lays in it, or else she just makes a mess too big to fix, gets frustrated, and goes and lays on her dog bed. Either way, we love her with all our hearts and we think she is very cute with a bit of Cottage Cheese on her nose!

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