Artificial Grass

I would love to have artificial grass in our yard. Just think… no more mowing, no more watering. It would be so very easy to take care of, and it would look great too. It’d be like xeriscaping, too, and we should really xeriscape because of our low water problems.

Artifical grass for pets works really well. The dogs don’t have a problem with it. If they mess on it, it just goes right through so there is no worry about it getting dirty or messy. It can be sprayed off with water easily, and dog waste can be picked up easily.

I can be used on a patio, too. I have a stone patio that is cracked and nasty and needs replacing sometime soon. Artificial grass would be a great way to go, I could even walk out there with bare feet and it would be comfortable and nice under the hot sun!

So I’m gonna go check it out… 🙂

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