Parking Ticket?

Argh! I am so mad. I walked out of work on Thursday and what to my surprise on my car… but a ticket! It’s not really a parking ticket. It’s an expired plate ticket. Grrrr… yeah, it had expired, but I had renewed it and the temp renewal form was planinly visible in the window. So what the heck was the guy thinking?! It was RIGHT THERE!

I was out of town to Idaho and Las Vegas a couple weekends in a row. And my car registration had come in the mail, my husband had put it right next to the trailer registration that had already been paid. So I thought it was the same one. When I realized my mistake, I went and paid. I went all the way to LV and back without incident.

The only reason I got a ticket at work is because they have torn out all our parking, and we have to park on the street. And so they prowl around looking for people who have parked illegally. Which I was not. It makes me doubly mad. No parking, and extra parking penalties.

The fine is $20. I’m probably going to fight it Monday. I just hope it doesn’t take forever. Not sure if I should just pay it and keep my time… I just hardly have any time to do anything anymore. I have to take Lucy to the vet Monday at 1:20 for her first acupuncture treatment. And I might go fight the ticket afterwards. What a pain in the rear!

3 thoughts on “Parking Ticket?”

  1. Brutal!! Getting tickets aren’t cool. I haven’t got one yet (thankfully), but in your case, the officer must of been sleeping if he didn’t see it in your window.

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