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Cheyenne SmokeyJust got back from my first visit to Smokey (aka Cheyenne), my foster boy from September 2006 through February 2007. I was so in love with that boy. He was one of my favorite foster boys ever, if not my very favorite. And I so wanted to keep him. But I knew he would get more attention in another home. And he is.

He’s in a great home. He’s very happy. It was fun to see him give rubbing loves to his new Mom. He seemed to remember me, but was a little bit confused and paced around a bit. I’m sure it was odd for him to see me again. But he has adjusted well and he’s doing really well. He was my first placement, and I think he has a great home.

We spent five months with that boy. And I treasure and love every day I spent with him. I wouldn’t trade the time I spent with him for a million dollars. He is a priceless boy. And I’m so glad I was able to share a few months of my life with him.

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  1. awww… makes me miss Momo. Momo was the foster cat that i had for four months. she was a long hair gray tabby and extremely tempermental when i got her. if you even reached near her, she would catch your hand with her sharp claw! but she was lovable. she would crawl on me when i was in bed and lay on my chest, but i wasn’t allowed to pet her (loss of hand…). until one day i had a breakthrough with her! i reached slowly toward her and she put her head down! it was the most amazing thing! to have this connection with her. when she left i was really sad but i knew she was better adjusted than when i’d gotten her, and hopefully would be going to a happy home. more people should be foster parents to abandoned / abused / needy pets. 🙂 if you read my post on Binky, you’ll understand where i’m coming from 😀

  2. oh btw, collies are one of my top 5 favorite dogs. my other 4 are: border collie, sheltie, welsh corgi, and norfolk terrier (gotta love Coco 😉 )

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