Black Tail

Chase Tail Well, I had to post up Chase’s tail, too. He is, literally, the black sheep of the family. The black border collie. Our dogs are, I like to say, black and blue. Three smooth blue collies and one mostly black border collie. He has one of those long-flowing tails. And strangely enough, he hardly sheds at all, even with a tail like this.

He doesn’t have any undercoat. He does shed a little bit, but not much at all. The collies have the thick grey undercoat that they blow twice a year, and shed all year long, too.

Chase is a sweetie. So smart, he amazes me. And though you can’t see it here, he has a cute nose, too, and doesn’t really need any rhinoplasty Naples, like us humans do!

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3 thoughts on “Black Tail”

  1. What a nice tail. Very bushy and unusual for a border collie. No white tip!
    I have some tail photos. Do you have an e-mail address and I will try to send them. My e-mail address is on my blog.

  2. OH MY GAAAAWWWWWWWWWWDDD!!! lol soooooo cute!! the second i saw your header, i thought, “hey! she’s got border collies!!” hahahaha!!

    i grew up with animals and i love my doggies and kitties i’ve had over the years. we had one border collie too named Boomer. he was the greatest dog a man could ever have. wish he was still with us… maybe i can find a picture of him at my mom’s house and send it to you. he’s just absolutely adorable. love your blog!!! 😀

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