Earthlike Planet?

A new planet has been discovered, circling a red dwarf sun in the constellation Libra. From what I’ve been reading, today, over 220 planets have been found orbiting starts in recent years. Most, however, are gas giants. The gas giants are big enough to make their stars ‘wobble’ slightly from the pull of their gravity. This new planet, which is considered more ‘earth like’, is smaller. And it is estimated that surface temperatures may be between 32 and 100 degrees, which would be a good temperature for liquid water.

I find it interesting that this planet is circling a Red Dwarf star. These are the most common type of stars in our vicinity. Though they are much smaller than the sun. So if you were to live on this planet, the sun would be huge in the sky. I wonder how much light this sun gives off? What would it look like? Feel like? Interesting thoughts.

The planet is over 20 light years away. So if we could travel there, it would take over 20 years at the speed of light. But as our technology increases, and we get better and seeing further out, and more detail… maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to actually see other forms of life on other planets. That excites and thrills me. I would love to experience that in my lifetime. Even if it were only plant life, or bacterial life. I am fascinated by other forms of life. What would they look like? What sort of DNA would they have? How did they evolve? Everything on this planet, basically, is related if we go back far enough. To see something that evolved totally separately… that would me amazing.

Though maybe we would be the same… like in Star Trek, or Stargate. My theory, actually, is that we evolved from the garbage of aliens. Some aliens threw their trash down on this planet, and a few million years later we came to be. 🙂

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  1. Garbage!! Heavens no! How about diamonds and gems?? That’s it! We’re the gems from a million years ago LOL.

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