Sunday Too

Thanks everyone for their kind words for this weekend! We had a great time. Levi didn’t end up Qing on Sunday. He ran the courses clean but popped out of his weaves at the 10th poll both times. So tonight I’ll be adding 2 weaves to my set of 12 at home. Get him used to weaving 14 so this coming weekend 12 will be short for him. 😉

I had Chase out and was working with him a little bit. I felt so mean. I had him by the ring entrance when people were running. He sooooo wanted to go in and run. He kept pulling on the leash, and looking at me with big brown sad eyes. So when he’s look at me I’d click and treat him. One of our goals is I want us to be able to walk into the ring nicely, without a leash. So until we can do that, he’s not going to be able to run. Poor guy. 🙂

Four days of rest, then we get to do agility at the Malinois Nationals this coming weekend on Friday and Saturday. So hopefully Levi’s weaves will be recharged by then!

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