Getting Messier

I am getting messier and messier as I get older. My Mom is immaculate. My sister is also very clean. Me… I’m a complete, total, and utter slob.

Seriously. Mostly, it’s just clutter. There’s clutter on the kitchen table, the counters, the spare bedroom, the basement. Just everywhere. My office at work is clean, but my house is cluttered. I just don’t know where to put anything. Yeah, I have a small house, but I could be more organized. Hrmph. How does one get more organized?

My kitchen table isn’t even visible right now with all the papers and crap on it. Ugh. This weekend. Friday and Saturday are agility, but Sunday and Monday morning I should be able to clean up a bit.

And the husband is messy, too, but nothing compared to me. It’s all my junk!

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