Belgian Malinois Nationals

Tomorrow is Belgian Malinois Nationals here in Utah. Good they they are having All Breed agility! Collie Nationals in Boise, Idaho, had collie only agility. Which I think is boring. I mean, it’s neat to see all collies, but what about the other dogs people have? We don’t all only have collies, you know. 🙂 Some of us actually sin and get another breed. Chase is such a dog.

Anyway, maybe Levi will get some Qs. We have been weaving in the front yard this week. For pizza, nonetheless. Levi loves pizza. He was popping his 10th poll last weekend so we needed practice. I wish I could use pizza in the ring!

Wish us luck! Chase still isn’t going to run. We are working on attention.

6 thoughts on “Belgian Malinois Nationals”

  1. Good luck!!! Can’t wait to hear how you do. We’re off to the Indiana Collie Club AKC Trial – we’ll be thinking about you.

  2. Good luck!!! Can't wait to hear how you do. We're off to the Indiana Collie Club AKC Trial – we'll be thinking about you.

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