Flyball Practice

Well, now that I have my other blog I can focus, here, on the dogs. Woo Hoo. I love my dogs!

Chase and I went to flyball practice last night. He is great at the recalls we practice. He just loves to run so much, he’s crazy. He’s a crazy boy!

His box work needs some work, though. He needs a jump in front of it so he will lift up his feet. And he also needs a cone out front so he’ll turn. And the cone needs to be far to the left of the box (when facing the box… when he’s running toward the box). If not, he’ll cheat and grab with his front two feet. But if the cone is off side it causes him to curve and jump on the box just right.

Something I need to remember for practice at home… which I really need to do more of. :p

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