No Qs today

We had a good day today at agility. I got home about 8pm, which is way too late. So it took over 8 hours to do the trial today. I left during novice FAST, so they were still going when I took off.

Levi did a good job. Interesting that he is still popping his 10th poll. The first run was standard. And there was a jump right after the polls. He was on my left side. And he popped.

The jumpers course was second and he got all 12 of his polls just beautifully. He knocked a bar that run though, I set him up poorly for the triple, so my fault. But the weaves… what was different? A few things.

On the second good run, the weaves were toward the end of the run. So maybe he had more momentum. The first run they were the 4th obstacle. He kept slowing down in them until he came out at the 10th poll. The 2nd run he had good speed all the way through.

On the second run, he was on my right side. Does he maybe have a favorite side?

On the second run, there was nothing after the weaves. Just empty space until the ring gates which were not close. So maybe he liked that better?

Or, maybe on the first run I turned toward him at the end. Not sure. He just kept slowing down and I was ahead of him and I wanted to see if I could push him through the rest but that didn’t work.

So tomorrow I’m going to watch closely and see if any of this is duplicated. I know, I know. He should weave no matter where I am or what is around. But his weaves are so sensitive that he won’t. Not sure if he ever will. Regardless, we had a good time!

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