Chase & Levi at the Park

I took Chase and Levi, both, to flyball practice last night. I don’t usually bring Levi, but I thought I would since we have Sammy, now, the foster boy. And Levi and Chase are not crazy about foster dogs at all. Levi is better than Chase.

Anyway, so some of us work obedience (casual obedience, not formal) with our dogs before class. And I threw a treat bag on the ground, and walked Chase around it. I must say, he was doing much better! His attention was staying on me a lot more than it was on Monday. I was pleased with that. So hopefully he’ll keep that up.

Then flyball practice happened and I worked with Chase. Goodness does he love flyball. Running like a maniac, what could possibly be better?

When they were mostly cleaning up I got Levi out (he was out earlier being a goofball, getting into treats), to see how he would do over the jumps. Well, he was great, of course, because he knows jumps from agility.

So everyone told me (well, most everyone), that I really need to run Levi in flyball. LOL. There’s like only 2 flyball collies, smoothies, registered. 🙂 They are really not that limber for flyball. And beginning practice is on Sunday, which is hard for me to get to. But.. it would be fun to see how Levi did on the box.

Levi is such a happy boy. He loved coming with last night. I guess I should keep bringing him.

He always has a smile on his face. Though some people think they need a Houston plastic surgeon for a pretty smile.

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