Sam and Mac

Sammy And here are some pictures of our two new boys. 🙂 Sammy is the rough, and Mac is the smooth. Sammy is the owner surrender, and Mac, also, was an owner surrender. Mac was surrendered back in December 2006. He is six years old. We thought we had a home for him, so his foster family held onto him for a few months. However, that home didn’t work out, and his old foster family now has a new foster and can’t take Mac back. They have a puppy mill puppy, who needs a lot of love and work.
Mac And we understand puppies needing lots of love and work! Mac is being a bit shy today in hour house. He was just dropped off. He doesn’t want to approach my husband or myself, but he is already getting better, even after a couple hours.

Mac’s foster family adored him, and wanted to keep him. Alas, we can’t keep them all. I wish we could, too. Mac is great with cats and kids and he’ll find a great home, too.

I spent about an hour brushing Sammy out today. It’s so much fun to groom these roughs. The only time I can is when we get a rough foster. I miss grooming Cheyenne (aka Smokey). So it was fun spending time with him and brushing him all out.

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