Sam Pounced on Phoebe!

Bahahaa… errr, *cough* ooops. 🙂 Yeah, Sammy likes cats. Well, he likes to chase cats. He is a goof. And so I was letting him outside yesterday and didn’t see that Phoebe, our black rescued cat, was out there (yeah I hate that she is an outdoor cat but talk to the husband, the cats are his responsibility).

So Sammy sees her before she sees him, and before I can grab him. Did I mention that Sam is huge? 🙂 I swear he’s about 100 pounds, The Husband thinks he is more. He is a doll, though, snuggly bug and mellow and sweet. He’s just a bit excited about the cats.

So he pounces, right on top of Pheobe. I managed to pull him off. Phoebe was so surpised she didn’t do anything but lay there, then run off when I pulled Sam off her. Sam didn’t hurt her, he was just thinking that she was a fun play toy. 🙂

It was cute, everyone had fun (except Phoebe) and then we were done.

Ah the adventures of having foster dogs.

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