More Chase Lessons

Woo hoo had another lesson with Chase and our instructor. Such great stuff. Our goal is to work him back up into agility, so we can have nice clean runs with good attention.

And to do Rally and Obedience with him. He really has a ton of potential with both. He has such nice heeling when I have treats.

So the continuing plan is to get him to think. To get him hyped up and excited, then have to connect with me before he gets a toy. So we had a tunnel and a jump, and I would put him in a wait and then walk to the other end of the obstacles. Then either just call him to me, or go through the tunnel or over the jump.

He is a goof, he anticipates like crazy. But he was really getting the idea of having to listen to where I was going to say to go. And he loves his toy rewards. But before the toy, he’s have to give me a nose touch to my palm. So this is something we get to work on too.

Next weekend at the agility trial we are going to work some more. In his most drivey environment, so that’ll be fun to see how it goes.

We also did some heeling around the obstacles. And to wean us off the treats on the target stick, I’m going to have a treat, then get it, then touch the stick, then another treat to get it. Then he’ll know if he watches just the stick with no treat, something is still coming. 🙂

He is such a smart boy.

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