So now I have to learn how rescues handle their microchipping. I am not sure how. Mac has an Avid. I have his number. I called Avid, and they have a plan where you can register up to 5 animals for $50. If you want to register more, you have to do another plan of $50. Well, that doesn’t really seem like it’d work all that well for me. She even went and asked, and was told they don’t have plans for rescues.

I’m going to call Home Again. Sammy has a Home Again chip. Maybe they have some sort of plan for a rescue. I sent them an email yesterday but I haven’t heard back.

I sent an email to the AWCA Collie Rescue list, to see what people do. Mac’s chip is registered to who-knows-where, and if he gets lost, they wouldn’t know to call me.

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  1. Both my dogs came pre-chipped through 24 Pet Watch. I hope that it will be of use in case they even go missing. I know not all vets and shelters can read them.

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