More on Chips

Okay, I called Avid yesterday, and Home Again.

So what seems to happen is, if you buy their chips, they are registered to you and if the dog gets lost you will be called.

However, if I, as a rescue, get a dog that is already chipped… well I’m pretty much screwed. I have to sign up for their payment plans. And at $10 a dog, that’s seems high for a rescue.

Avid, at least, was able to put my name in as a contact. Mac is registered to his old old people in Las Vegas. So if they found him, they’d have no way to contact him. In order to really change where his chip is registered I’d have to pay $18.50. But they put me, and UCR, on his chip info as a contact. Hrmph. $18.50 might not sound like a lot, but for a rescue it can really add up per dog.

For Home again, I’d have to sign up for their program, too, which also costs. $10 plus $14.99 for activation, then $9.99 per additional registeration. Hrmph.

So Sammy’s Home Again chip stays at the vet where he was chipped. And Mac’s Avid chip has my name on it, at least. All without money. I guess I shouldn’t be too disappointed. But if I get a dog with a Home Again chip, not sure what I’ll do about that.

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