Personal Space

As I sit down to watch Pirates of the Carribean, Dead Man’s Chest from my Blockbuster movies-in-the-mail account (not sure what it’s officially called), I have to think about these poor dogs of ours and how good they are really being with the extra dogs.

Dogs have personal space, just like humans do. And for each of them it’s a different distance. Chase needs more personal space, and Angel needs less. She probably needs the least of all our dogs. Chase is the most, then Levi, then Lucy, then Angel.

And so bringing these other dogs into our house, we can’t just expect everyone to get along. Dogs are dogs, and they show their discomfort in dog ways. Teeth, growling, body language, tail height, etc. And I feel like we have to always be aware of this, and make sure each of the dogs is comfortable.

We also have Glitter this week, a little sheltie girl. She is one of my friend’s dogs and we love to watch her, she is just a doll. So that brings us up to 7 dogs, that is our limit.

Any more would be too much. Our small house is only 1300 square feet. So I have to admire how well the dogs are doing, in such close quarters. They are being super wonderful pups. 🙂

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