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Hrmph. Flyball. Practice is fun. Going to a tournament is boggling my brain. I want to go… but the tourney is in St. George, Utah. Which is 5 hours away. Gas, Hotel, Time… all for just one singles run, and practice runs.

Well, it seems like a lot of money. But, there is one bonus. There is another tournament in Wyoming in August… and I want to go to that one! Really bad! Because a friend I met at dog camp last September is going to be there. And I’d love to see her again, and I might even share a hotel with her.

So, in order for Chase to be on a team, he has to go to a tournament and run single or do warmups. I’m not so sure I like that rule. I think he’s really be fine. He is very stable in high-drive environments. But if that’s the rule, then perhaps I’m going to St. George.

I still have a day or two to decide.

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