Sunday’s Agility

Oooo! Man, another non-Q day. Weaves again. The first run had another hard entry. It was a tunnel to a tunnel (turn from one to the other), then weaves. And the angle was such that if you pushed too hard, the dog went over the jump. But if you didn’t push enough, they were lined up right for the 2nd poll. So.. I pushed too hard, and Levi got the jump. DANG

Next run, Standard, Levi got his weave entry… then popped the 10th poll. Gah! Hrmph.

So, I built 4 stick-in-the-ground polls when I got home, but they are flimsy and not working well. I was then calling Levi through the weaves to a target, and he popped the 10th. Well, it’s good that we can recreate this. So I think we just need to work on that. And I’ll need to build 4 more weaves into my PVC set.

And, in the basement we are going to shape the weave entry. I have 3 polls, and I’m just going to let him offer the entry from all angles. See if that’ll help his entry.

All these things to do!

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