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I’m always looking for good dog related information to put on this site. I love reading about dogs, talking about dogs… heck, at my birthday party, most of the conversation was about dogs. Yes, addicted, but I love it! Dogs are my life. And so there is the The News Room, that lets me put relevant, timely news on my site. And it was super easy to embed this video/article, and it was free, too.

So check out this article about a Dog and making sure your dog has a healthy coat. Chase blew his coat this spring, at is was awful. But now it’s growing back in very nicely. We are very happy about it. Because really, a healthy coat does reflect a healthy dog. We feed raw, and although many places said that your dogs will transform with raw and have awesome coats, we didn’t really notice that. Their coats are great either way. Maybe the rough collies would show more of a difference, but the smoothies coats are very nice either way. 🙂

So check out The News Room and find news that interests you. There are a ton of different things. I’m going to go look and see what I can find for my other site, too. That is relevant, and free.

3 thoughts on “Newsroom – A Dog’s Healthy Coat”

  1. When my husband and I adopted Jed his coat was pretty bad. After switching from Science DIEt to Nutro to Innova EVO to raw his fur became so soft and shiny. Sugar the chi cross has the same beautiful coat. Food is everything!!!

  2. I agree food is very important to not only a healthy coat, but a healthy dog. I’m glad you got great results!

  3. I agree food is very important to not only a healthy coat, but a healthy dog. I'm glad you got great results!

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