Tuesday Night Training – Obedience with the Clicker

Another excellent training class with Chase. It was our group class. I really actually like how they work out. We all get a little bit of private time with our instructor (who I love but I’ve said that before lol), and then when she works with others we can work on our own things.

So we practiced having the treat bag on the grass, and walking around it. Then when Chase looks at me I click to mark that is what I want, he touches my hand so he has to go through me to get what he wants, then we run to the treat bag. And I really think he is starting to look at me sooner! We also do it with the toy. It’s interesting, because he’s slower to look at me with the toy.

The point of this is to get him to watch me and stay with me when I don’t have treats on me. 🙂

When I was walking him over to the training spot in the park, after we played a little bit of retrieve with his tuggie toy for fun, he was actually paying good attention to me (I did have treats on me). But even with treats on me, he will often take the treat, and his nose will immediately hit the ground. Well, that’s not any good for heeling. So once when he took the treat and kept looking at me, I was thrilled! I immediately clicked and treated again. And when he still looked at me and didn’t nose-bob to the ground, Click and Treat again. We did that about 10 times! It was great.

So hopefully he’s getting the idea. My trainer was very pleased by his progress.

And we were talking, after, about his long sit-stay. He wags his tail, but we are not sure what is going on with him. What he is feeling. Is he unsure of himself? Is he nervous? Does he not like the other dogs close? (I know he needs lots of space to feel comfortable, and he was between two Berners, big black dogs he doesn’t really like anyway.) So we might take a video of him in his sit stay (with my new cool camera) and send it to my trainer’s trainer, to see what she thinks.

I love dogs. I love how they are all so different, and it really takes a lot of thought and creativity to find what works best with each dog. It just fascinates me!

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