Helping Collie Rescue

Well, I’m excited. And since other people are posting their blogging earnings on their blogs, I thought I would do the same thing.

As you know, I’m blogging for collie rescue. Utah Collie Rescue, Inc., to be more exact. All my earnings go to PayPal, and from there transfered into the Utah Collie Rescue checking account. The collies need all the help they can get!

So today I figured out how much I made for collie rescue in May 2007. I am happy to say my total earnings were $194.65.

And here is a breakdown:
Bloggingads: $3.00
Blog to Profit: 47.94 (paypal takes a fee, not sure why)
Bloggerwave: $18.92 (paypal takes a fee from here too)
Creamaid: $1.00
Ebay Sales from Donated Items: $13.28
PayPerPost: $105.51
Blogitive: $5.00

To total the above $194.65.

And this also started on May 11th, not the first. Because this domain name was too young to start earning. And we just got our PR of 3, so hopefully that’ll help June too!

Yay! I’m happy to give this to the collies in collie rescue. This is from Tip Tail and Luna Tail. As Luna Tail gets older and more popular, she will hopefully earn more for the collie rescue too!

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