Vets and Tools

My husband took Chase to the vet today. Ugh, he has another ear infection. What a bummer. We have to wash out his ear each day, and put the meds in. I hate doing it, and Chase hates it too.

He was also due for his yearly. We don’t want to give him any more vaccinations. He probably already has vaccinosis, which shows in his low thyroid and his bad allergies. Poor guy. We’ll have to see about rabies. He wasn’t due for shots today.

Anyway, I love having books at home that are all about dog health. And it’s also nice to have tools around that help out. We have a rectal thermometer (though we hate using that, too), and I would love to have some stethoscopes in case we need to listen to their hearts or their lungs. Or heck, to each others. 🙂

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