Tip Tail Hosts a Meme

Tip Tail Thursday Animal Site Review Meme And so we have a new meme! I was lying in bed last night, and thinking before I fell asleep, like I do way too much, and came up with this idea of a meme.

I think memes are fun. I haven’t done very many of them. I haven’t found very many animal related ones! If I did, I would do them. So I thought hmm… there needs to be an animal related meme out there that everyone can participate in.

So here is the Animal Site Review Meme. You don’t have to have an animal site to participate, you just need to review an animal site. And it doesn’t matter if it is a pet, wild animal, or even animals from other planets. It just has to be a non-human animal. 🙂

So I hope you will participate in this meme and we can get some good animal related sites exchanged!

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