I have his Eyes!

I am so excited. Sunday I was walking around the trial working with Chase on his attention, and finally he started to keep his eyes on me. Usually he will look at me for a treat, get the treat, then his nose would immediately hit the ground. We have been working on this for a few weeks now. I want his attention on me always. No ground-sniffing!

So Sunday he finally started catching on. I was hopeful… he got a treat then didn’t look away, so immediately I clicked and treated. And again and again while he kept his eyes on me. I thought he was getting it…

Tonight at obedience class, he was so good! He kept his eyes on me and very rarely did his nose hit the ground! This boy is learning. I am just thrilled!

I love the crowd we train with. All types of people from different professions. One in the medical field, one is an artist, and one is a realtor. And we all help each other out.

Chase is a good boy. He is really fun to work with. Got some videos of him in his sit stay and doing some fetching. But my YouTube video from last night is still not available. Maybe I will try to reupload it. I might do some videos tomorrow. Tonight, I should sleep. 😉

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