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Pet Adoption Portal A friend told me, a few months ago, about the Pet Adoption Portal. I am running Utah Collie Rescue, Inc., and have a Petfinder account where I list the collies for adoption. There are also some other places you can list rescue dogs for adoption on the Internet. And going to a number of different websites in order to post the dogs’ information gets tedious and time consuming.

Pet Adoption Portal All In One

When I first logged into the Pet Adoption Portal I was thrilled. Not only can I update Petfinder, the dogs I list in the Pet Adoption Portal also update to accounts with Pets911 and SaveAPet. Awesome. I can update my dogs for adoption in one place, and the Pet Adoption Portal takes care of the rest for me.

The Pet Adoption Portal uploads all of the pet’s information to all three of these rescue sites. So you add/edit in one place, the Pet Adoption Portal, and it takes care of updating all three sites. It is a great time saver! I have saved a lot of time using the Pet Adoption Portal. I haven’t logged into for a long time now.

Pet Adoption Portal Easy Setup

The Pet Adoption Portal has very easy setup. The volunteers who help out take care of most of the technical stuff. You just have to sign up and go through the process of activating your account. When I signed up, I didn’t have a Pets911 or SaveAPet account. The Pet Adoption Portal set those up for me and just asked for my approvals along the way. The passwords and login information was all set up. And this process only took a couple of days to get going.

Update Rescue Animals in One Place

Once set up and logged in, you can see a list of options to the left. The website is very easy to navigate and understand intuitively. I didn’t need any help to surf around and enter my first dogs that were up for adoption.

Pet Adoption Portal Pets

Here you can see the Adoptable Pet Listing… currently I have Sam and Mac up for adoption. You can add new animals here, delete them, edit them, and change their status. Then automagically, a little bit later, they get uploaded to all three of the Pet Rescue Sites! It’s very nice!

You can also include a header and a footer to be included in each of your pet’s descriptions. So if you have contact information, or information about your rescue, that you want posted in all of your listings, you have the header and footer to utilize.

Excellent Customer Pet Adoption Portal Support

Also, if you have problems or questions when using the Portal, the support is excellent. I believe it is staffed entirely by volunteers. And sometimes volunteers can be busy.. but each time I have had a question or concern, I have received an answer within the day.

The people are always friendly and happy to help out with any questions I have. I have not experienced any problems yet, and I don’t think I ever will.

The Pet Adoption Portal is a free resource for Animal Rescue Groups wanting to post up their animals for adoption on the adoption sites. We get most of our inquiries from Petfinder, and a few from Pets911 and SaveAPet, too.

I highly recommend this great resource!

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4 thoughts on “Pet Adoption Portal”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that Petfinder has quit allowing uploads from Pet Adoption Portal/ You can get the details at the following link:

    This has affected a LOT of shelters and had a very negative impact on many of them. I urge you to let other rescues know about this and to contact Petfinder and let them know of the impact this decision has on your rescue.

  2. I own a pet sitting company, and many owners, sadly, are looking to part ways with their pets. Sometimes when they talk about taking them to the shelter I will offer to watch them until they find a better place. I will be sure to refer them to this site!! =)

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