Body Slammed

Last night I took Chase and Levi to flyball practice. Chase is doing really good. His box turn seems to be improving. Which is good, because we have our first tournament in St George, Utah, on June 30th. That’s only a bit more than a week away. Hopefully he’ll be fine in the environment. I’ve been told it’s wild and crazy. I think Chase will handle it. I’m only going to take Chase, not Levi. For some bonding time. I’m so bonded to Levi that sometimes Chase doesn’t get as much attention. So it’ll be good for both Chase and myself.

After flyball the dogs all ran around together. I let Levi out, and he and Chase screamed across the park. Was very fun to watch. I was surprised when Levi body slammed Chase! Levi doesn’t usually body slam, so it was cute. Chase took a big tumble but he was okay.

Someone brought jumps and weaves, too. We practiced. Levi’s weaves were beautiful. I haven’t practiced them since the trial last weekend, figuring we could use a break. Chase’s weaves were beautiful, too.

I hung up my two gorgeous collages at home yesterday, too. Had to take some other pictures down. 🙂 But Levi is better. I love them, and can sit in the front room and just enjoy them. Hopefully I’ll get some of Chase when he competes again.

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